1 Little Way to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

Meet June Cleaver!

I introduced June Cleaver on Facebook and Instagram last week. She also responds to the name Judy.

She’s just 1 little way to add some inexpensive charm to a kitchen. June is a Dressmaker’s Judy that I picked up at HomeSense, outfitted in an apron and added a string of faux pearls to from Value Village. Voila – instant charm!

June likes slow dancing and walks on the beach. She hates cooking. Actually, she is quite handy in the kitchen because she holds my apron. I like that I can switch up the aprons for seasonal or holiday décor.

I will admit, many times I have gotten quite the fright in the middle of the night as I am coming downstairs to get a glass of water or a shot of tequila and there she is as I come around the corner. I gasp, clutch my hand to my chest and remember she.is.not.real.

Yours in Décor,




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