The Powder Room – Part 2 Demolition

I’ve been in the hot tub, drank oneish glasses of Guilty Men Red Wine (Aren’t they all…) (Sexist.) and have my feet soaking in Baby Foot booties – have you guys heard of this stuff? It’s like a belt sander for your feet! So I should be good to show you the demolition photos of our powder room. Now the real party begins – and you said you didn’t do anything fun on the weekend!

Where should we begin???

Remember the “blue is for boys” ceiling? We knew it was a drop ceiling because it had a hollow sound and it was substantially lower then the ceilings in the rest of the house. So down it came along with the boob lighting fixture! (Really sexist.) Doing this added a feeling of spaciousness and elegance to our small space. Putting up a new ceiling, increased the height from 8′ to 9′ 6″.

We also decided to upgrade the bathroom fan at the same time – we just switched it out for a modern one. BUT!!! When Sonny took out the old fan, you won’t believe what he found!?!? It’s so gross – it gave me such the heebie jeebbies! It was an old bird’s nest!!! Birds at one point in time made their nest in the vented fan. I was freaking out. Think of showering and turning on the fan to have little bird feathers and nest stuff circulating in the air. The old fan had an exterior baffle but the cover plate had come off! There is an working exterior baffle on the new fan. You don’t know how I feel about those *%^@)*^ birds. I could tell you so.many.bird.stories.

We ditched the (Not Beyoncé’s) toilet, pedestal sink and flaky toothpaste mirror. There was nothing drastically wrong with the pedestal sink – it just wasn’t the style we were looking for. Sayonara to the raised, false floor at the same time. Sure enough – original strip hardwood flooring was right underneath!

Sadly, much of it was water damaged and had to be replaced. Luckily, my dad scored some strip hardwood flooring that was a close match to the original floor. I knew staining the floor would help – you’ll see 😉

The wannabe Greek wall tiles would not come off without having to remove entire walls. Guess what? We removed entire walls and re-dry walled. Pots lights mimicking daylight were added to the bulkhead we created, adding focus to the (Not Beyoncé’s) toilet and sink area. The toilet and sink stayed in the exact same place.

Removing entire walls meant we had to take down the drywall for the exterior wall and the blown in insulation came tumbling out with it! Bit of a nightmare… we did what any true DIYer would do – I just stuffed it back in by hand! Don’t worry – I wore a mask and then crawled under the covers and cried. Just kidding. I drank a beer. Can you see the insulation, vapor barrier and red tuck tape?

Before I go any further let me give you a short history of our house. I know, I know – it’s almost as bad as having to listen to someone else’s dream. When we bought our house it was divided into two apartments – one lower and one upper. There were two separate entrances, two kitchens – you get it. We are the first family to live in the house since the 1960’s. We converted the house back into a single family home.

We were able to remove the shower and turn the full bathroom into a powder room because we had a full bathroom upstairs, we had the entire run of the house – it wasn’t divided up anymore. Ditching the shower, also meant ditching the false floor, it was only there to house the shower plumbing.

Removing the shower was key in taking our powder room from embarrassing to elegant because we sealed (studs, dry walled) the original entrance and created a new entrance around the corner, in the foyer. Now you enter where the shower was.

If you are having a dinner party in the dining room, your guest can excuse themselves to use the powder room which is now around the corner in the foyer! Not steps away. How novel! Here we are – shower removed – just about to bust out a new entrance!

We cut a solid wood door we weren’t using anymore in half to give us lots of clearance in the powder room. It’s a bi-fold now! Plus this helps add a little character back into the home. The powder room doesn’t have any natural light so we took the opportunity to build in a transom window above the door at the same time. It still gets me to think a shower was once in this area!

With the mudding coming along it’s almost time for finishes and fixtures!

Any layout questions? I know it is hard to orientate yourself sometimes. I’ll have to draft a floor plan at some point!

I’ll be back midweek to share the afters of our powder room!

Cash you outside!

Yours in Décor,



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