The Powder Room Part 3 – After!

Ta Da! Don’t you just love seeing how other people live? I know I do! Come on in.

Welcome to Our High Hopes Powder Room!

Here we go – the big moment! Let’s take a minute to reflect on the before. Send Help. Or Ativan.


The gold and purple wallpaper is by Graham & Brown , special order at Home Depot. My mother-in-law and I installed this wallpaper together. She’s installed a lot of wallpaper, but not for a long time. I had never. Imagine…holiday weekend, small room full of angles, a straight match paper with your MIL! Luckily I really like my mother-in-law! (Hiii!!!)



The vintage washstand is a sentimental piece of furniture, made in 1947 by one of my neighbors growing up. Hartle and Lillian lived a couple of houses down from us and were a lot like my grandparents. Hartle had known my dad since he was a little boy. I would visit them at their home quite a bit. I remember drinking Mountain Dew in their kitchen. They had a built in bed in the kitchen – I always thought was the most bizarre, yet the coolest thing ever! In the summer I’d stop by for strawberry ice cream comes from Lillian. Cameron Lake was at the end of our street and they had a boat that I always thought was my dad’s! It wasn’t until years later that I found out it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that’s because Hartle let us use it anytime!

New top and bottom handles and a protective coat, Stays Clear from Benjamin Moore.

Here are the bottom ones up close.

Okay – now that I have charmed you with that heartwarming story…(sooooo cute!!!) our sink is from Ebay! Remember them? Yeah, I didn’t really either – but it’s where I spec’d the purple vessel sink. It shipped from Beverly Hills, California. (Oh la la!) don’t be too jealous – it was lost in the mail for weeks! Also – I’ve been to Beverly Hills – it’s not allll that. But I still love 90210. Team Dylan and Brenda AND Team Dylan and Kelly. Can’t I be both?

Take a peek at the facet! It’s a trending facet that shows the flow of water. Remember, this post?!

Sonny’s parents gave us the mirror. He said his mom had it for ages. A little spit and shine – goodbye toothpaste splatter mirror hello glitzed glam!

It’s not Beyoncé’s Toilet. But we can’t all be Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. We can’t all have 22 Grammy Awards. And we can’t all be a former member of Destiny’s Child. And have luminous skin always. And be married to Jay Z. And also be known as Sasha Fierce. And headline the Superbowl 50 Halftime Show.*

A Costco purchase. Would you like to read our philosophy on Costco? Let me know.



This light. And the pot lights. I’ve told you how I feel about lighting fixtures . It’s not one of my go to stores … it’s from Rona, surprisingly! The blue is for boys ceiling is history too. I decided on a neutralized gold hue from Behr – Cliff Rock 290F-4.

Bubbles. Not Boobs.

The hovel (is it even worth showing the before?) under the stairs, is no longer a hovel. Loads of storage for household items. A little drapery for concealment…

Beneath curtain one – Cinderella Items. And medicine. Ativan. Kidding! Sunscreen. Shoe Polish. You know, the regular stuff!

We still need to add some trim around the storage closet. Hello, life! The doors need a little more attention too. Here is a shot of the handle from Hobby Lobby. I’ll include the doors as part of the Foyer post!

I chose a lovely anaglypta wallpaper in the Dining Room to coat the wall where the original entrance was.

And now I present you my loyal readers (that’s my sister and my mother-in-law, btw. And you.) the other side of… that wall!

Sonny and I are totally in love with the artwork. We picked it up on a trip to Egypt. It is a Tree of Life depiction painted on Papyrus Paper in a Michaels frame. Okay… my Nana had a belief that you should never have any peacock décor in your home because they bring bad luck! I’m really scared I might see a peacock in this painting. So I don’t look too closely at it, because if I see one…even though I love, love, love it – I never look at it too closely! Superstitions mean nothing, right? I’m not even posting a close up because I don’t want you to see a peacock and then tell me about it.

I refinished the floor, stained in Ipswich Pine #221 from Minwax. A little extra stain to the new boards. I lightly pole sanded after, giving a slightly timeworn look to the floors. Bridging old and new.

Here’s a sneak peek of the transom Sonny installed. I’ve decided to include this with the Foyer post – that makes sense too. Mama is a little tired. Dog Mamma that is. No diapers to change. Take that Beyoncé’s Nanny.

We had High Hopes for our Powder Room. We are thrilled with the result!

With that here are the full Design and Decorating Notes for this space.

Design Challenges:

  • An awkward and embarrassing entryway
  • Zero elegance and character house charm
  • Bring the outside in
  • A closed in feeling
  • Lacking storage

Design Solutions:

  • Close original entrance. Remove shower. Construct new entrance around the corner in the foyer replacing shower
  • Add the elegance of height to the space by removing the false ceiling and floor
  • Refinish the original hardwood floor
  • Add chunky baseboards to coordinate with the rest of the house
  • Create a colour palette of jewel tones with wallpaper, mirror, accessories and a light fixture
  • Replace the pedestal sink with a vanity that has historical presence
  • Bring the outside in, not with greenery! Marry the unique and surprising exterior colour to the interior using a purple colour scheme and a purple sink as the focal point. Adds a cohesive feeling between the exterior and interior
  • Open up the ceiling and floor. Add additional lighting with pot lights and an eye catching light fixture to guide your eye upwards. Construct a transom to act as a window into the foyer
  • Install floor to ceiling shelving. Replace the pedestal sink with a vanity that has storage

High Hopes Style Components:

  • Using an antique or vintage looking sink on top of the wash stand would have been too precious looking and feeling – juxtaposition creates a feeling of the unexpected
  • The wallpaper emphasises the room’s angular shapes and is a vintage 1920’s Art Deco style suiting the home
  • The drum chandelier has roots in Mid Century Modern style with it’s concealed light source and glass bubbles, taking the Powder Room to a current interior. The rounded shape of the fixture creates pleasing design tension against the linear wallpaper and angles of the room

Yours in Décor,


*Oh, wait, that was Coldplay.




  • Amy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the final result!

  • Lisa

    What talent ! That’s an amazing transformation . Your decor ideas have brought the room from doom to glam and sophistication . Love the light fixture . Just found this we site and will watch for more transformations You are inspiring me to tackle my laundry room!

    • OurHighHopes

      Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for the sweet words! I know, it’s hard to believe the light fixture is from Rona! Most people think it is from a specialty shop. Have fun with your Laundry Room makeover! If I were designing a new Laundry Room I would add these three items in priority…

      1) Wine Fridge
      2) Television to watch The Bachelor
      3) A Maid

      Yours in Décor,

  • Ann-Marie

    Amazing! Love that powder room

  • Yvonne

    Emily I am crazy about your powder room! I love the wallpaper and the purple sink so much. The chandelier reminds me of bubbles on the surface of the water. Such amazing talent and creativity!

    • OurHighHopes

      Hey Yvonne!

      Thanks a bunch! We are pretty crazy in love (Beyoncé!) with our Powder Room. Bubbles over Balls, right?

      Yours in Décor,

  • Jenn

    I love it, great work Emily!

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