And The Winner is…

And the winner is…

It’s time to get the fever!!! The winning design for the new retro coin operated Laundromat located at 39 Queen Street East, Cambridge Ontario – Hespeler Village is…Saturday Nights Suds!  When my client said he wanted “over the top retro”, he meant it! I gave a big clue when I wrote that “there isn’t another one of these in the world!” It’s true –  I haven’t been able to locate any other Saturday Night Fever themed Laundromats in the world!

The trend toward Laundromats moving away from purely utilitarian spaces began in the home and is spreading to coin Laundromats. “Boutique Laundromats” are removing (or at least easing!) the drudgery of laundry and embracing design and decorating elements – complete with beer taps and plush seating  – one even doubles as a performance venue! Check out a 15 awesome ones here!

I invite you to follow along as this space is put together. Cory is very supportive and told me to use this space as my “lab”. I love it – I have a studio at SOMAD, a studio at High Hopes and a Lab – how lucky am I!?

If you see me working in the windows – give me a wave! I’ll wave back!

Yours in Décor,



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