Drinking With a Decorator – Queen Victoria’s Favourite

Thanks be to Queen Victoria for being born. And to the Government of Canada for declaring the day a holiday since 1845.

The Victoria Day Long Weekend.

The Unofficial Start to Summer.

The First Long Weekend of the Summer.

May 2-4

In case you don’t live in Canada – this means May 24th is her birthday and you celebrate with a case of beer – a 2-4 pack. Quite appropriate considering she said

“Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them.”

What pray tell, was Queen’s Victoria’s favourite drink?

Doing what any Dean’s Honour List SOMAD student would do – I did my research. For you. You are welcome.

It was a concoction of Claret topped up with Single Malt Whisky. Scottish Islay Whisky to be precise.

What in the Royal Household is Claret? It sounds so elusive!

It’s red wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France. That’s all? Oh. Okay.

Nonetheless, when gathering my supplies – I’m going to ask the staff at the LCBO to show me to their finest Claret and see what happens! Not really the refreshing and fruity cocktail I had planned for the first long weekend of the summer, but who doesn’t like a good stiff one every now and again?

Queen Victoria’s Favourite Drink

  • Fill glass 3/4 full of Claret
  • Top up with Single Malt Whisky

The verdict?

That Victoria was one tough chick.

Yours in Décor,


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