How to Add Ambience To Your Home

We were at the movies, accidently on purpose touching hands while reaching into the popcorn bag at the same time* and I was trying to remember if I blew out the candle on the dining room table before we left and should I drive home and check???

I still light candles depending on:

Depending on how I’ve checked those boxes – I don’t. This is one of the reasons that I’ve grown to love flameless candles!

We had a few empty plant pots that I didn’t want to regrow plants in, but I liked the pots so much that I wanted them on display somehow. I had an idea to simply grab a few flameless candles from Walmart. I made sure to buy ones that had a timer.

I put a flameless candle in each pot with the timer set and put them on display for instant nightly ambience! Worry Free. Automatic. No hassle of having to reach in the pot and get the candle out to turn the switch on and off. Our planter lights add such atmosphere for a relaxing night in!

Being a homebody never felt so good.

You reach the age of 30+, your flameless candles automatically turn on and even this guy (or girl) wouldn’t be able to convince you to leave your house.

So happy with the effect I added a stack to our birdcage also.

Cause you know I’d never put actual birds in a cage.

You know candle light makes you look at least 10 years younger, right?

Yours in Décor,


*Stuffing our faces with popcorn, coke and licorice.




  • Terry LeBlanc

    I love the China hutch! Would you be willing to share the process involved in refinishing it? I have been using these types of candles for a while now and find them so much more convenient to use. I never thought of tucking them into a container but will try them out in my McCoy planters and see how it works!

    • OurHighHopes

      Hi Terry,

      The hutch is from The Art of Home in Cambridge, Ontario and came beautifully painted and distressed 🙂

      However, we have refinished a couple of wood pieces over the years…

      With the magic of Chalk Paint, here is my step by step post on how I refinished a Victorian Screen Door:

      A few of the considerations we have learned along the way:

      Can the piece be refinished – we had a buffet we were once interested in refinishing – with the sheer amount of layers and types of paint used over the years – a professional restorer told us it would be practically impossible (aka expensive!) to get it to it’s original (bare wood) condition


      Use caution if the piece may contain lead paint – this could mean using a liquid furniture stripper rather then sanding the piece down as to not expose lead dust. For safety information:

      I have heard if you are planning on painting the piece of furniture and the top layer or two of paint is not lead based and you just need to rough it up slightly for the new paint adhere – you should be fine.

      New products are always being added to the marketplace to make furniture refinishing easier and safer (and more fun!) Here is one you might want to check out:

      I hope these tips will help you get started creating the furniture of your dreams Terry!

      Yours in Décor,


      PS McCoy Planters are gorgeous! If you end up placing some flameless candles in them – let me know how you like the effect in your own home 🙂

  • Lina Mason

    Love this idea Emily. One day maybe I will get around to doing it.

    • OurHighHopes

      The best thing about this little project is that it is – little! So when you do find the time to do it – it will be quick an easy and the results will last until you need to recharge or recycle and replace the batteries 😉

      Yours in Décor,


  • Diane

    Thanks for the idea, my bird cages are now full of light and I do look younger!

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