Retro Coin Laundromat – Hippie Hippie Spin!

When your client says they want “Over the Top Retro” you really need to be prepared. What if they mean “Over the Top” but not that “Over the Top”?

If you missed my very first post on this project – click here!

I’ve designed the second concept board to be a little more subdued than the first. Hippie, Hippie Spin is all about the optimism and carefree fun of the mid 1960’s.  It’s an idea guaranteed to have you singing and sudsing at your neighborhood Laundromat! I mean, who really likes doing laundry? Only someone perfect, probably.It’s the feeling of The Beach Boys meet The Beatles – with a little bit of hippie for contrast.

The design and decorating of a more commercial space rather than a residential space is an interesting thought process. Considerations need to be made such as theft (But I know everyone in Hespeler is a good person!) excessive wear and tear, clearance issues for overflowing laundry baskets, bending over to load and unload machines. The benefit to having an Interior Decorator in on these type of projects, is that the project is executed with a residential feeling that exhibits comfort and personality.

I’ve research 1960’s slang to be able to properly explain this concept to you.

“Meanwhile Back at the Ranch”  let’s take a look at some of the style components of Hippie Hippie Spin!

You will notice – if you read the last blog post – that some of the components are the similar, but switched out thematically.

With the authentic retro sign as the inspiration for the Laundromat, I’ve specified a complementary colour palette with uplifting blue paint. A little orange and a daisy pattern reminiscent of the 1960’s –  in coordination with the retro sign – in some variation, it’ll be so fine. I’ve specified a beaded curtain for this concept as well – again, depending on my client feels. An option that could be used in multiple ways for example, creating a textural lighting fixture or encasing a planter pot.  They were  right on in the 60’s.

You’ve seen the porcelain floor with a subtle orange undertone.  I’m a real gone cat so here it is one more time!

I took the opportunity to play with and repeat the daisy flower motif seen in the inspiration piece, not only in the pattern but with a showy daisy light fixture. The one you see below is actually constructed with paper – so it’s not the best for a Laundromat, however I’ve added it to the board to highlight that the light fixture chosen should have a strong daisy motif. I explained this to Cory at the presentation meeting. When concept boards are presented I will always discuss them with you!


Because my client is community oriented, a cork bulletin board would serve as a community hub where customers of the Laundromat or business owners could pin up advertisements, newspapers, magazines and local take out menus! In case you don’t have any food at your pad.

Macrame was a craze in the 60’s. With it’s popularity today, adding this element in the form of plant pot hangers will assist in keeping the design within the contemporary spectrum. Just enough to give a bit of balance, so the Laundromat doesn’t feel too stale – as you wash your rags. The gorgeous, deep window sills are an opportunity not to be missed.

In the same vein as the first concept I’ll be adding a tie die t-shirt lending a groovy, hippie vibe. I could even tie dye it myself  – I went to summer camp! There’s nothing better than an Interior Decorator who will do a little project for you. Trust me.

A folding table – lets’ just make sure we source *good* hinges as the table will be used quite a bit. A peace sign or a happy face would be too obvious of a choice to set the mood for the Hippie, Hippe Shake Laundromat. I spec’d a sunny yellow Buddha statue, friendly and full of good intentions. Placed at the foot of the chair, it would create a vignette that says “Hang Loose.”. A vintage laundry hamper could double as a trash can. Neato!

Do you recognize this type of chair? Maybe from your school days or the DMV? While it is recognizable today – It’s a polyprop chair designed in 1963/64 with a single  piece of injection moulded polypropylene. This was very high tech affordable and quickly created at the time!

I’ll create an art installation of records. When I first starting thinking about this idea, I thought of affixing records to the wall – out of their sleeves or in, maybe even suspending a few from the ceiling on aircraft cable. But man – that’s such a drag! For either concept chosen, I have a funky new idea…

Who hasn’t played a game of Twister?! In the 1960’s Twister was a struggling game that was almost pulled from the shelves …until Jonny Carson played the game on The Tonight Show in 1966 with Eva Gabor. In the morning people were lined up to purchase the game – the first one in history where the people were the playing pieces. I’d love to include a vintage game, the mat or something (!) on one of the walls.

Are you asking yourself  “Why so much on the walls?” I would tell you, “There isn’t a lot of floor space and we need clearance. In order to embrace the concept fully, we need to use the walls.”

I’d LOVE to know what concept is your favourite! #1 Saturday Night Suds OR #2 Hippie Hippie Spin? Leave me a comment and let me know which one you would choose!

I’ll be back on Monday to share with you the concept that my client, Cory chose!

I should string you along for the next few days. Throwing out hints and clues!

I know a secret and you don’t! (In a sing song voice.)

Going to jam Yours in Décor,






paint 2


beaded curtain

light fixture

bulletin board

plant pot and hanger


folding table

bhudda statue

laundry hamper





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