Retro Coin Laundromat

So you’re here! And I’m here! This is the perfect opportunity to spill the details on my newest project in Cambridge, Ontario in dynamic Hespeler Village. There isn’t another one of these in the world! Both the village and the project.

I’m going to spill the details slowly over time – kinda. like. waiting. for. an. album. to. drop. Specifically Beyoncé’s.

Remember when I featured one of my favourite places, the O and V Tasting Room? You should if you read my blog. If not – I am here to catch you up. You’re Welcome.

Well, the co-owner (With his wife, Natasa.) of the OV Tasting Room emailed me a little bit later (And this was before I was famous, btw.) to ask if I was interested in working on a project for him. I had to think about this.

  • What if Sarah Richardson (Girl Power!) contacts me at the same time?
  • What if a magazine asks me to write a column for them and it’s due ASAP!
  • What if you know who’s nanny walks out, leaving her in the lurch?

I decided I could do it all. Girl Power!

I said “Yes” in a very collected way. Even though I felt like this.

I’m pretty sure Cory knows who I am though. That’s one of the reasons I blog, so potential clients can get to know me and decide if they’d like to work with me. The answer is always yes. A huge resounding YES.

Here’s the scoop: the space you’ve been looking at is going to be a coin laundromat! Located at 39 Queen Street East, (If you want to peek in the windows!) this will be for the tenants in the apartments above and will be open for public use during certain hours.

Because, I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was 10 years old – I felt a calling toward this project.

Dear Tenants and Public,

It is my sincere hope that you like love your new laundromat. I am going to give you something to brag about.

Yours in Décor,


Cory found an authentic retro sign in the basement of the building and restored it. I like a handy guy! This is serving as his inspiration for the design of the laundromat.

My client is looking for a laundromat that is:

  • Over the Top Retro
  • Cool
  • Fun

I’ve designed two concepts boards that I will share with you next week!


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Yours in Décor,








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