Retro Coin Laundromat – Saturday Night Suds!

Introducing the first Concept Board I’ve designed for the Retro Laundromat in Cambridge, On – Hespeler Village.

Saturday Night Suds is an homage to the 1977 disco film staring John Travolta! Saturday Night Fever!

Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this December, the film is almost (Cue the disco dancing!) as relevant today and is still widely well received.

The Saturday Night Suds theme is allll about living, working and playing in downtown Hespeler. It’s about looking your best, getting your clothes ready for a night on the town, and having fun doing it! I’ve researched 1970’s slang to be able to properly explain this concept to you.

Can you dig it?

With the authentic retro sign as the inspiration for the Laundromat, I’ve specified a complementary colour palette heavy on trendy orange paint – think – on the ceiling. With a little blue and a pattern reminiscent of the 1970’s in some variation, it’ll be rad.

Any out of the way spaces to conceal without a door – a beaded curtain will have you covered. Depending on how my client feels about wear and tear plus clearance issues – major considerations in a smaller, commercial space. Beaded curtains were the pop in the 70’s, however!

The primo porcelain floor, already chosen by my client has an orange undertone and suits the space for it’s practical appeal.

If your going to have a Saturday Night Fever themed Laundromat – disco balls hanging from the ceiling are a MUST! The space has super natural light – just picture the disco balls glittering to the max while your threads are on the spin cycle!?

Photos of John Travolta getting ready to hit the dance floor will hang on a couple of the walls adding unity and emphasizing the theme – cool, city. Right?

I’d love to install a focal point wall of (silver to coordinate with the disco balls) paint cans – they are SO iconic in the movie – you know – the walk!!!  Patrons of the Laundromat or business owners could use the paint cans as holders for advertisements, newspapers, magazines and local take out menus! In case you didn’t make groceries.

A patterned “vintage” shirt – that I’ll be scouring Value Village for – will be on display in a shadow box. Giving the item of clothing a feeling of importance, this will look like either a movie prop or something that was left behind years ago. Will be ace!


A folding table would be a way cool space saver!

Boo-yay! An installation of records to add shape and set the Saturday Night Fever theme – will be mint. We can all agree that a song has the ability to transport us right back to that moment and place in time when we hear it. And the tunes from Saturday Night Fever? Come On! Cue: The Bee Gees!

While I’m at it,  I’ll be sourcing a blazin’ trash can for the Laundromat. Who knew trash cans could be “blazin'”?  This. is. why. I .love. the. 70’s!!!

The Replica Masters Chair designed by Phillipe Starck combines three iconic (50’s and 60’s) chair designs into one very cool contemporary piece. Easy to take care of, can be found at a great price point for reproduction and keeps the space with a toe into today’s world. Plus it’s just Mondo Cool.

Plants help us to veg out and the plant of the 70’s was the Venus Flytrap. Little care required, needing a humid rich environment and eats insects (That may fly through the doors of the Laundromat!) this plant checks the boxes and will get plenty of sunshine on the deep window sills. They even fit my colour scheme – totally tubular!

So, that’s what’s hanging. Isn’t it super fun!!!???

Next Up…Concept 2

Hippie Hippie Spin!

See ya on the flipside – aka – Thursday.

Smell Ya’ Yours in Décor,


*I’m adding in the sources for these items as you read…it’s tight, it’s tight.



paint 2


beaded curtain

disco ball

travolta poster

paint can

vintage shirt

folding table


trash can





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