Sexy and Single – Custom Kitchen Design

Remember that little promise I made to share with you a kitchen I designed for a sexy and single chef from London, England?

First things first…let’s take a look at this hunk of meat! Vegetarian? Let’s take a look at this hunk of grilled tofu! Ding Dong!

I mentioned he is single, right? And he cooks. If he is a dog lover – we can keep him.

Client Profile:

  • Harry Davis
  • Professional Chef (and television actor)
  • Single
  • Location: London, England (originally Australia)


  • Lives in small flat
  • Entertains by cooking for family and friends frequently
  • Prefers to grocery shop every other day for the freshest ingredients possible


  • Custom kitchen island
  • Grow fresh herbs
  • Lots of prep space

Design Challenges:

  • Limited sunlight
  • No outdoor area
  • Small space

Design Solutions:

  • Grow herbs indoors using an inset basin, creating a custom kitchen island
  • Focal point achieved
  • Concur low level sunlight with grow lamp
  • Provide storage for herbs with drying rack on side of island
  • Mini refrigerator replaces full sized – frees up counter space – thus adding prep space

Here is a quick rendering to give you an idea of what I designed for Harry:

Design Components:

  • Cleverly concealed grow light
  • Chef friendly flooring and countertop material
  • Comfortable seating for lengthy meals
  • Stylish bachelor decorating concept

A few spec’s:

Slim black framed windows define the sleek cabinetry, while narrow shelving positioned along the pastoral brick wall holds a variety of oils and vinegars. A quintessential British blue AGA range adds a bachelor nod. The mini refrigerator is an ideal choice for someone who small batch shops frequently and needs as much prep space as possible. Herbs grown in a basin are an arm’s length away, courtesy of a smartly concealed grow light. Inviting seating located at the island with a countertop that boasts space to dine. Cushioned cork flooring and durable, easy care quartz countertops round out this true chef’s kitchen.

Welcome to your brand new kitchen Harry!

What are you cooking for us? I’d like this, please! Anyone else? What would you like Harry to cook for you?

I’ve missed you my lovelies!

Yours in Décor,





  • Danielle

    Gorgeous!! Can’t wait for you to design our Tiny Home Kitchen!

  • Marcella

    Fantastic! This kitchen feels super comfortable and wonderfully stylish and functional. I love the brick and the quartz and cork flooring all together and those chairs look like they are made for lingering! I love this kitchen!. I would like Harry to make a delicious selection of vegetarian hors d’oeuvres, with chilled white wine 🙂

    • OurHighHopes

      I know, right?!?! Can’t you just picture passed hors d’oeuvres with some Michael Buble music?

      Yours in Décor,


  • Sandra

    Oh my , I don’t know what I like the best about this. Accessible herb garden, wow, just perfect for all of us wanna be chefs. Great use of a small space. What is the cork flooring like to stand on for long periods, durability? All great ideas.
    Just found your blog and enjoying it .
    Thanks Sandra

    • OurHighHopes

      Hi Sandra,

      Can I call you Sandy? We can thank US architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the prevalence of cork flooring in residential interiors!

      Cork flooring is a type of resilient flooring. Shock absorbing and flexible, cork is a smart choice for spaces where you’ll spend long periods standing. Some say cork flooring feels as though you are walking on air! Clumsy? Like to party? Because it’s springy, glasses don’t have the tendency to shatter and noises are muffled.

      Cork contains a natural substance called suberin which wards off moisture and mildew – making it a more then suitable choice for kitchens. Cork flooring will need some basic maintenance that includes weekly sweeping and be sure to place coasters on the legs of furniture or the cork will scratch and dent over time. As with most products sunlight may fade your cork flooring over time. Don’t forget to polyurethane when necessary!

      If you’d like to talk more about Cork Flooring in detail professionally, send me an email.

      Yours in Décor,


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