That’s Us!!! We Are in a Magazine!

Quick! Someone get me a pair of sunglasses and an entourage.

My recent fame has left me incapacitated – hence no Den Diaries After post today.

It was our sincere delight (I wouldn’t use the word delight if I didn’t mean it.) to be featured in the July issue of our glossy neighbourhood magazine.

The Neighbours of Hespeler Village is a print only magazine delivered to most homes in our ‘hood via Canada Post. We’ve added a couple of copies to High Hopes Little Free Library if you want to check us out!

It’s not all me, me, me! You get to meet Mr.High Hopes too! Sonny is a very big part of High Hopes.


He’s my husband.

And he knows his way around a Chop Saw.

Thank you Best Version Media, Publisher Sandra Peltier, Content Coordinator Susan Hastings and Photographer Jillian Bolender from Focused Photography.

I met Sandra personally last week and she couldn’t have been more enthusiastic! We are still blushing over the article Susan wrote about us! (Page 4 and 5) Jillian took some amazing action shots!

Thanks to everyone who picks up the magazine to read our story. We love our neighborhood and all the love we’ve been given.

How about our graffiti piano by Ean Kools of  The Underground Gallery – featured in the magazine via our home?!?

They should write their next story about him, just saying.

I bet you know who will respond to my texts now. All thanks to Best Version Media.

Next week is a really good one my Design Enthusiasts! See? You’re so important to me I capitalize you.

  • The Den Diaries After
  • Spilling the details on my newest project in Cambridge, Ontario… dynamic Hespeler Village! (There isn’t another one of these in the world my friends!!!)
  • A VERY special Drinking with a Decorator

Yours in Décor,





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