The Den Diaries – After!

Fame…it’s a funny thing…

Totally kidding! I am watching Fixer Upper!

(Oh! It’s Chip’s Birthday!)

The best part about the After of our Den is that it comes with the most adorable (Abner is also the most adorable.) puppy, Miss. Maybelline Rose!


Take a look at how the stained glass window, fitted into the space to add some architectural charm turned out! It opens up the room just enough for a little peek through into the kitchen! It balances out the console and television.

No more weirdo coat closet!Before!

The Italian wine jug emphasizes the green hues.

And adds some shape to the linear space!

(The couple choose a mid century modern house.)

Lining the large back wall, the grey sofa fills the space fully and adds a comtempory flair – while coordinating with the furniture in the Dining Room. A few toss cushions to cozy up with – I wouldn’t mind a few more to add extra comfort to the room…#shopping #HomeSense.

We keep a little folding table underneath the sofa for times when we need a place to set our drinks – or times like this – when I’m blogging in the Den. In this space, I prefer to keep the floor clear.

(Chip and Joanna are wondering how she’ll blend her rustic vibe with mid century mod?)

Above the sofa hangs an orginal piece of art by one of our favourite artists, Elena Petrova. Based in Whitby, Ontario – we discovered her on Etsy. After searching art galleries and exhibitions for a piece of abstract art we were drawn to (Even though we wore our berets.) we just couldn’t find something we loved – so we turned to Etsy and voila!

Art on canvas adds texture to the room.

(Chip sourced a lot of mid century modern plants for the exterior – neat, huh?)

I’d be remiss with my career as a Professional Interior Decorator (In training!) not to include pattern in the room. The Amy Butler Wallpaper in Lacework Moss was a cinch to put up. It makes the room feel so much larger – especially when looking in from the Dining Room through the sliding barn door.

Adding a special element to the room – the traditional pattern (based on 1800’s lacework so I’ve heard) has been updated for a playful look.

We’ve actually left the popcorn ceiling  – for now. It’s not that I think they are the Sistine Chapel of ceilings, however I don’t find it offensive enough to go through the upheaval and mess of removing it right now!!! Real life. Sooo…I added a ceiling medallion and a smaller scale ceiling fan. (Gotta keep cool when watching Magic Mike – you need the AC and a ceiling fan.) This  keep the focus right there – not on the popcorn.

(Joanna has never felt so nervous about styling a space. Chip didn’t even bring her cupcakes!!!)

The sliding barn door took on a different colour from this side versus the other side. We didn’t stain it – only applied beeswax.

Who doesn’t like a surprise?!

(The couple loved their home. Of course.)

This really has been a sweet little room for us to hang out in with our puppies and relax after a long day of DIY projects. From it’s jail cell roots, it’s come a long way. Painting it the same colour as the Dining Room (Not that blood red…) was key.


See? You can have High Hopes – even from the confines of a jail cell. Just look at Jeremy Meeks!

Yours in Décor,





  • Yvonne

    Shut up!!! That is NOT the same room!!! It can’t be… how did you do that?
    Gorgeous. I love the wallpaper, the stained glass window, the sliding door – actually all of it!!

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