The Den Diaries – Part 1 Before

Sometimes when I think about the Den, I find myself comparing it to the size of a jail cell. (I don’t know for sure. I’ve never been to jail.) (What kind of person do you think I am?!) (If you are reading this and you have been to jail – thank you for reading my blog.) (And congratulations on your reintegration into society!)

Always eager to get to work, we may have started straight away. You know, at the same time we were doing a million other projects.

Painted in a deep blood red with skinny white trim highlighting every murderous sin. (What has gotten into me???) Quick! Someone get me a shank glass of perfectly chilled chardonnay. The previous owner used this room as a home office. As I’ve mentioned before, this room seems to have been altered at some point in time – check out the way the window trim is cut off.

Despite it’s size, the room has the same high (9’6″) ceilings as the rest of the house, which keeps the space from feeling too oppressive. The dated, overly utilitarian and too small light fixture only serves to emphasize the popcorn celling.

Committing floor space crimes in the jail cell room is this white door that opens directly into the room – cutting the Den in half. Yet another cold case of awkwardness in our house. Exhibit A.

Have you been noticing the tree stump occasional table pre DIY makeover? I cringe when I see home décor fads I’ve embraced. We’ve all been there, right? Repeat after me, (Raise your right hand while you do this.) “Fads are Fun, but not Forever.” I don’t care if West Elm is still retailing them – even though I adore West Elm. Okay – so technically it’s a trend – but – they are overdone. I’d bet 25 years to life on this. Here’s a shot of the closed door – if opened – would look into the Dining Room.

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this space. It’s sad. No wonder people get bored and commit crimes. And end up in jail thinking they could be the next Michael Scofield.

Yours in Décor,


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  • Yvonne

    Oh my god – you are so funny!! I can’t imagine how many coats of primer it must have taken to hide that red paint.

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