The Den Diaries – Part 2 During

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I got distracted and left something out of a blog post. The first time was when I became famous. This time, I was distracted by thinking who would make a good cell mate for me if I was in prison. She should have the following attributes:

  • Amazing Singing Voice (to drown out the ruckus)
  • Has an Alter Ego She Can Use as Her Prison Name
  • Able to Get Along in a Trio of Girls – But Easily Able to Go Solo
  • Would Develop Dance Routines to Keep Us in Shape (1 hour in the yard isn’t enough!)
  • Could Persuade Guards to Stage a Talent Show at Christmas on Her Birthday
  • Decorates Our Cell with Photos of Her Singleton and Twins

What I failed to show you was the other side of the wall in the Den. When High Hopes was 2 apartments, the occupant of the first floor entered through the back door into the kitchen. From the kitchen, there was this weirdo coat closet…???

Coat hooks hung on the sides of the opening- shoes on the floor. You could walk right on through into the Den. The house is SO big you need to take a shortcut.

It’s not, btw.

To add an architectural feature to the bland room, my talented husband framed in the weirdo coat closet and inserted an antique stained glass window that was one of our very first house purchases! We hadn’t even bought a home at that point – but as we say, we had High Hopes.

Making it even more special is that it was purchased from Red Rock Antiques and Vintage Emporium in my hometown of the Kawarthas. Stained glass can be dated from the thickness of the lead camework in the piece. The older the piece – the thicker the camework.

Fresh coat of spackle and paint!

The red paint suffocated the small space and conveyed a heavy feeling of District Attorney – not an easygoing space for 2 (And 2 puppies!) to watch television in the evenings. You guys must think all I do is blog and watch The Bachelor. You would be wrong. I also make cocktails. A few coats of patch and primer and we could breathe again.

As per De Rigueur we replaced any small profile baseboards and casings with tall baseboards and wide casings painted with Benjamin Moore Barely Beige and restored the hardwood floors.

Little Room – Little Diary Entry.

It’s almost Sisters Girls Day!!! .

Yours in Décor,



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