The Dining Room – Part 2 Demolition

Do you want to see a really big mess that you don’t have to clean up?


I can show you the wall in the Dining Room where we sealed up the original entrance to the Bathroom (now Powder Room) and there’s the door into the Den. Now do you see how awkward it would have been to host an elegant dinner party while someone is looking through your medicine cabinet in such close proximity?

Because of it’s condition and appearance we decided to take down the entire ceiling in the Dining Room. I wanted to expose the original wooden beams as the design focal point in the space – so taking down all the lath and plaster was a win-win. We thought our Christmas Vacation would be the most festive time of the year to do this! Specifically the week between Christmas proper and New Year’s.

We drank our last glass of spiked eggnog and sealed up High Hopes like a pair of Spanx. Outfitted in our worst clothes, wearing masks, gloves and armed with crow bars and hammers we robbed the 7-11.

Kidding! We got to work.

What we thought would be a 1 or 2 day job turned into several days – in the early evening we’d say to one another, “Hey! We should be done in a couple of hours, right?!?!” And by the time we knew it – it was midnight and we were hitting the shower and bed to go back at it the next day (and the day after that).

One of our messiest jobs to date – we made up games to play while we worked. The couple that tears down ceilings together – stays together. Almost 10′ in height, we had to do a lot of the tear down from ladders. I was the prime bag lady. Not a real Bag Lady, btw. Bag Ladies don’t have lighting plans already in place.

I counted over 25 bags of lath and plaster that we loaded into our hatchback and dumped off at the landfill.

I love going to the landfill!!! There’s a 7-11 on the way.

Many trips later we were washing, dusting and vacuuming. (Oh – sweet. I primed a bit of the wall before we came to the realization the whole room needed a gut job. Precious.) The ceiling actually had a bit of a cigarette smell to it as we were taking it down. Evidence of smokers in the house at one time? Blah.

One of the many, many, many things we have learned during renovating High Hopes is that life still goes on – even when the dust is thick. On NYE we all cuddled up in the Den and watched The Ball Drop. We were showered, had clean clothes on and ate pizza.

High Hopes, baby. You’ve gotta have High Hopes.

Yours in Décor,



  • Yvonne

    OMG. I cannot believe that job! The mess! and all those bags in your hatchback. You deserve an award. Seriously. Or at least a puppy to hold.

    • OurHighHopes

      Hey Yvonne,

      Did anyone every tell you – you are the most fabulous sister ever?

      It was quite the mess and so was the hatchback.

      I want a puppy to hold. So bad.

      Yours in Décor,


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