The Dining Room – Part 3 Sneak Peek!

How ya’ll doin’? I’ve been listening to my guy Luke Bryan all day today and we’re eating Fried Chicken and Macaroni Salad for dinner tonight. So I’m feeling very at home. I’m also drinking a Budweiser.

Here’s your sneak peek of the Dining Room! You know – where we eat our grub. And play our banjos.*

Painted in Henderson Buff HC-15 from the Benjamin Moore Historical Colour Collection, this hue has a metallic undertone that is cohesive with the purple and gold wallpaper in the Powder Room. Personally, green is one of my go to colours. Years of sloppy paint jobs made me devote an entire year to filling, sanding, washing, priming and painting all the trim at High Hopes. My dad helped with this room – Ballet White OC-9 also by Benjamin Moore. My sister heard Kimberly Seldon describe this colour as the kind of white that looks as if it’s always been there, which suits our Victorian home well.

We washed all of the original celling beams (which are really exposed joists) down and hired the best drywallers in the world to complete the celling for us (They are also very nice to Abner and Miss. Maybelline). After a simple explanation and drawing of what I wanted done, they set us up like we were living on the set of Dexter. Before the drywall could even be put up, Manny and Scott had to level the entire ceiling with metal strapping!

The exposed beams in the house are a special nod to the construction of High Hopes. Isn’t it interesting to see how houses are built? Especially 125 years ago! We especially love the cross bracing detail. Sonny and I measured the inset to be proportionally similar to the size and scale of the Dining Room Table and Chairs sitting directly underneath. Happily, we left all the boards natural. The ceiling has been painted in a warm white – Benjamin Moore Milkshake 1165.

The expansive back wall in Dining Room is one of the first places your eyes land when you enter our home. Creating an eye catching feature was important to the design plan. Outfitted with chunky brackets from HomeSense, Sonny attached pine farm boards. The barn boards came from my brother’s farm. He was building a new barn and some of these boards were leftovers from the project. Each shelf was made from two lengths – which were biscuit joined together to make extra wide shelving, planed and sanded at A and M Wood Specialty.

And that my curious friends is the end of the sneak peek! Sad? Don’t be! The afters will be up next!

Did I tell you the Fried Chicken was organic?

Yours in Décor,



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