Toronto Interior Design Show 2017 – Part 5

The BIG F.


I’ll begin with trends in furniture for the littlest lovers of good design. Babies!

First up – this bassinet.

Only hip babies need apply. (All babies are hip by the way.) The design roots live in Mid Century Modern Style (which is now contemporary – more on that in a later post and why it is relevant in Canadian design) Because gender neutral nurseries are on trend, this would be suitable for a baby boy or a baby girl. Don’t you agree, the bassinet has a very organic and natural feel to it? And if you have been following my blog this week you will remember that sustainability, eco friendly and natural materials are a whole house notion, here to stay. Also a component of MCM (Mid Century Modern) I really need to do a post on MCM.

The fabric on the glider felt so soft and like nothing I have ever felt before. I think there is an 80’s Tiffany song in there somewhere… Not quite that old? I think there is a 90’s song in there somewhere… Not quite that old? (I hate you, btw.) Then just try this, ugh. (Meant with much love and thanks for visiting my blog!) Anyway back to the glider, the fabric is wool. The reason it felt so soft was because higher end wool does have an extra soft texture. That unique feeling? Most likely due to a process it had been through. Honestly, you’d never ever guess it was wool. Nothing like that itchy wool sweater your grannie made you! (Stereotype.) Wool is a perfect material for a nursery glider because it is not only a natural fibre but has resiliency, withstands dirt and is antimicrobial. Again, going back to that whole house notion of sustainability, eco friendly, natural materials – and it allllll started in nurseries. Thanks be to the babies.

Moving on from people who drink milk to people who drink wine…ding! How amazing are these Perching Tables?!?! Think you don’t have enough space for a kitchen island? Try one of these instead. Or in a lower level living space, for example a recreation room. Can’t you just picture glasses of red wine and a charcuterie board? I.Want.One.

Honestly, I have to laugh just a little bit whenever I hear “wood is trending”. I mean, its…wood. It is a classic, a founding member of society. It’s much more helpful when I share with you for example, that lighter woods are trending for hardwood flooring. This table is made by the same company who made the Hoop Round Light Fixture. Brothers Dressler. See the little bow tie? It’s actually a called a butterfly joint and joins two pieces of wood together.

Look closely. Closer. Can you see the fingerprints on the glass tabletop? That is one of the best things about IDS (Interior Design Show) you get to actually touch the furniture to discover how it is constructed.

You have an opportunity sit in too cool white space age chairs (Panton Chair) and find out if they are comfortable (Surprisingly, yes! A lot of give.) This is the kind of information I get to share with you when having a consultation, spec’ing furniture or designing a concept board. And reading my blog – of course! Duh! 🙂

I wanted to show you this table setting by William Ashley. That is all. Talk amongst yourselves.

And lastly, one of my personal favourites from the show. Integrated lights run the length of the table down to posts that rest on the tabletop. A one piece. Plus all of representatives from Design Lab were decked out in chic science lab attire!

Do you ever feel a little bit down on your home after you read about trends? Don’t. I can make you feel better, here’s how:

  • You don’t have to like all of the trends or any of the trends – however they do reflect what it happening in society as a whole
  • Some houses and homes are style specific and certain trends just don’t jive
  • You do not need to feel that you need all of the trends. Two or three may be the perfect number for you. “Movers and Shakers” may want to invest in more. It’s about balance…
  • Trends have a longer shelf life then fads – don’t be afraid that your purchase will fall out of style this year – trends at IDS set the tone for this year and beyond
  • Trend items can be obtained through IDS exhibitors or bigger box stores (There will be differences in various details in each situation.) If you need professional guidance a Professional Interior Decorator can help you in either scenario

Yours in Décor,



  • Tomasina

    Great info on the trends, Emily, and how to fit them with space, style and budget! I especially like the links – even though Single Ladies is not on repeat in my brain 🙂

    A perching table would be ideal for those occasions when one is wearing Spanx and doesn’t want to sit down in case said Spanx rolls down 😉

  • Dee

    Oh I so love that set of dishes, so different and chic. I also love the black wool chair, how comfy looking. Your blogs are so informative and interesting , thanks

    • OurHighHopes

      Those dishes! That chair! All Yes!
      I am so happy you are finding the blog informative and interesting.

      Yours in Décor,

  • Becky

    I am loving your blog, you are simply hilarious!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Olivia

    I love your blog so much! :’) I also really enjoy your writing style 🙂
    Keep up with the amazing work ❤

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